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Success and failure, they are separated mainly by those who try, those who don’t, and all the subtle levels in between. To try means to move your ass, get out there, and hustle. The whole fucking world is open to you. Everything you love in this world that nature didn’t deliver to you was created by a hustler. By those who try. All the billions of people on this planet, they each need help with almost every detail of their existence. You can certainly be of value somehow. That’s what we’re going to focus on a lot here at Hustle Bear.

Hi there, I’m Judd.

I’m excited to start a blog. This is a new world for me.

Good things happen to those who  Hustle

I’m 29. I’m a hustler. The last steady salary job I had was scooping ice cream at Coldstones at 17; since then I’ve been winging it and hustling, fortunate to learn how to thrive without a steady salary. I had 9 odd jobs when I started college (sold knives (cutco), sold phone service, computer consulting , math tutoring, sold Rolexes, etc.); became a millionaire by 24 at which point I bought a large modern house in Bel Air; got ranked among the top 10 Commercial Real Estate agents in California and the top 20 Commercial Real Estate agents in the World at Remax Commercial for 2005 and 2006; started my own Commercial Brokerage before witnessing the complete total death of Brokerage; prompting me to start new companies in fields I knew nothing about and had no network of contacts (like Parking) and rapidly bring these companies to success. Every business endeavor I’ve devoted myself to I’ve made a success. Mostly because I’m a maniac.

I have the strong belief that if I can do it, anyone can. In my high school years I was an awkward backwards loner, and probably would have been voted least likely to succeed. I am transformed. If you transform yourself, you won’t believe what you’re capable of.

I have a long history in training people how to sell and negotiate and develop the right character to become a success in business. I’m not perfect, I’m still growing, and I always will be. But I’ve gained tremendous insights. People often take me out to lunch to pick my brain and find out how I do things. I’ve always been happy to share what I know with anyone who wants to listen. Few things make me more proud than to help the people around me grow. The rewards I receive by being surrounded with ever stronger more capable people are enormous. This Blog is partly my attempt to ramp up those efforts exponentially.

So, lucky you. I’m going to lay down the insights I’ve gained from my successes and failures. But this isn’t going to be only about business and character. I have a strong philosophical background and strong political opinions. I’ve got a great selection of music, so I’ll be sharing a bunch of music picks, and maybe mention some cool places to check out, books I gained insight from, life stories, and whatever the fuck else I think is worth sharing. And I hope you’ll return the favor and share with me things you think I would appreciate. I’m not charging anything here , I do ask that If you find anything I write really cool, helpful or insightful, pass it on with your thousands of friends on twitter or facebook or your blog or at your grandmother’s knitting club, and tell others to do it too. It’ll help you look cool, and who doesn’t want to be cool, right? If I’m going to do this, I’d like to reach as large of an audience as possible.

Glad to have you in the crew. Let’s get started.