Your Need for Confidence

If you want to be a racecar driver, speeding your car around other drivers and through tight openings at breath taking speeds, you will need to be able to trust your instruments and tools. You’ll need to trust your mirrors, you’ll need to trust that thin layer of rubber around your wheels holding your car to the road, you’ll need to trust your transmission to shift gears on command and the engine to thrust you forward when you need it to. When you’re in battle, you need to trust the capabilities of your armor to protect you and your weapons to fire and your night vision and even your boots. You need to be able to rely on them when you need them.

What happens if you can’t trust your instruments and tools? What happens if your judgment is that you aren’t sure you can rely on them when you need them?

You hold back.

If you don’t trust your tires, you’d better slow down. If you’re not sure your armor will be effective in combat, you’d better be a lot more cautious.

What do you do when deep down you’re not sure of yourself?