Always Rep Your Friends Well

I don’t understand people who put down their friends when talking about them.

Speaking well of your friends does so many great things.
It makes you look good when you have quality friends. It shows that you’re thoughtful. And It shows that you’re a good person to your friends.

And let’s not forget, it helps out your friends. You’re raising up the people around you. Your friends like it, appreciate it, and are motivated to do things to raise you up.

Isn’t it better to have a cooperative dynamic with the people close to you?

If you really can’t think of anything nice to say about a friend of yours, well, it’s time to do some thinking, about a lot of things.

Playful teasing is cool and fun of course, but it shouldn’t have anything to do with how you represent your friends to others.

What you say reflects on you. Especially what you say about your friends.

Let’s say the only info you had about someone was what they had to say about a friend. Which of these people would you rather associate with?

Person A: “My friend is one of those awesome amazing guys that makes the idea of having friends in your life actually worth it. If he wasn’t already a friend of mine, I would find a way to infiltrate and get to know him.”

Person B: “My friend is such a loser. Last night while he was sleeping, I put some shaving cream in his mouth and he accidentally swallowed it. Now he’s complaining. Haha, what an idiot!”