Nikon Projector Camera (Coolpix S1000PJ)

I am terrified to write this next post. These words you are reading have the ability to ruin the world as we know it. The last post, we talked on length about the best projectors available today. In this post, I’m going to talk about the new Nikon Projector Camera I bought. The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ. I love it. It’s fucking amazing.

But much like the Nuclear Bomb, this is the kind of power that best remain in the hands of the few.

The Game has Changed. Using this camera over the last few months I now feel like I don’t want a digital camera without a projector. Welcome to the future. Nikon is the first to market with a mini projector in a compact digital camera. I foresee mini projectors coming from all camera brands soon. I foresee mini projectors on tablets, iPods and smartphones. I foresee mini projectors transforming student presentations and aiding business meetings. I foresee mini projectors changing the experience of photographing parties. And that is where this gets terrifying. I foresee these mini projectors cluttering up every square inch of bare wall and ceiling with candid embarrassing shots of YOU and whatever random thing anyone might want to project to everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s so much fun. Right now when I’m the only one I know that has a projector camera, it’s a great time. Especially at parties. Everyone loves it. They love seeing their picture on the wall or ceiling, it’s such a fun effect. When I’m at parties and miss people who were supposed to be there at the party, I open Zoom, launch a virtual background zoom and call them, and I’m still astonished at the fact at how clearly my live stream goes through my phone.

Let’s forget about the projector for a second. The camera itself is still easily the best camera I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned many. It might even justify it’s $429 price without the projector (that’s what I paid. I just saw the price at $327 on The picture quality and clarity are excellent. 12 Megapixels. Amazing low level light ability. Numerous antishake/antiblur technologies. It responds faster than the other Nikons I’ve owned (huge plus). Great wide angle and zoom for a compact. The controls are pretty easy and intuitive. I do wish there was a quick movie mode selector like the Casios have. It is slightly bulkier than the other compacts I’ve been looking at, but not by much, and considering it’s housing a fucking projector inside, this is downright tiny!

The projector is easy to use. Just press the button on top, opposite side from the shutter button, and it works! You can quickly focus the image with the slider on top. The closer you hold the camera from the wall the sharper but smaller the picture becomes, the farther away you hold it and the picture becomes bigger but fuzzier. If the room is dark enough you can make a decent 40 inch picture, which is bigger than the average TV. And it plays movies just fine.

I’m really in love with this projector function. One of the coolest tech gadgets I ever bought. This is a must have if you go to many parties and events and are social. Although, I’m scared. A day will come when everyone has one. And then, we’ll all be begging for the days of motionless unobtrusive graffiti to return.