To follow up on my last Music Pick of the Day, I definitely think Adam and Eve is their greatest album but Catherine Wheel does have a large wealth of other great material. I want to share some of it with you.

Catherine Wheel – Happy DaysMusic Pick of the Day - Catherine Wheel, Part 2

God Inside My Head
Little Muscle

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“Happy Days” was one of my favorite albums when I was 15. With this album Catherine Wheel shifted away from their shoegazer/dream pop sound and fully embraced grunge and brutally heavy metal, creating a cool contrast with a softer non-metal singer. I don’t listen to grunge metal so much anymore, but holy shit, the song “God Inside My Head” kicks ass! Play it load. Just play it real loud from the beginning. “Waydown” was a huge radio hit in ’95. “Little Muscle” is a fun song about your tongue.
Compare and contrast this with their next album Adam and Eve

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Here’s a video from “Happy Days” era that is not at all tacky or cheesy:

This one is different and cool:


Catherine Wheel – Like Cats and Dogs

Wish You Were Here
Mouthful of Air
Girl Stand Still
Backwards Guitar
Harder Than I Am

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“Like Cats and Dogs” is incredible for being a collection of b-sides. The highlight here is Catherine Wheel’s amazing cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. That song was my introduction to the world of Pink Floyd in my high school years. Most of the songs here are pretty spacey and dream pop like.


Catherine Wheel – Ferment

Black Metallic

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Catherine Wheel first album Ferment started off in the spaced out ‘Dream Pop’/’Shoegaze’ scene of the early 90s. “Black Metallic” became a hit from their first album “Ferment”, but I’m not feeling most of the other songs here.


Catherine Wheel – Chrome

Strange Fruit
Half Life

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The next album “Chrome” is a lot heavier in parts, but I’m much more into their more ambient songs here. Many fans think this is Catherine Wheel’s best, and it’s good, but I think “Adam and Eve” blows everything else away.


Catherine Wheel – Wishville

Sparks Are Gonna Fly

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“Wishville” is Catherine Wheel’s last album before they broke up. They tried to reinvent their sound again, and bring the rock back, but it doesn’t really work this time. The album has its moments, but it didn’t live up to its predecessor “Adam and Eve”, most of it feels like something’s a little off. “Gasoline” is the coolest song on here.