The Art of Smearing the Tea Baggers - Part 2

This is a continuation of my latest article:

“If you believe that government shouldn’t tax you and spend away your future then you must be a RACIST!!!”

Have you read it?
No? Go read it and come back.

This is eye-opening. I guess those in the Mainstream Media feel so emboldened with their power as a significant source for spreading information, that they believe they can just discredit and eliminate any movement that might be bothersome to their agenda.

I got several emails from my last article asking me to give some evidence of the media smearing the Tea Party. Ok, valid, the following is just a drop from a small splash in the wave of media smearing of the Tea Party.

First off, Guys… I have something to tell you. I just found out I’m in love. Yes, it’s true. Oh my god, this girl is AMAZING! I just found this right now. Dana Loesch held her own against Hardball’s Chris Matthews’ relentless attempts to smear the Tea Party movement, and made the argument I made in my last post better than I possibly could have on air. Behold:

There are many examples of smearing:

Jeanine Garofalo – The Tea Party are a bunch of racist tea bagging rednecks:

ok this is just obviously excessive

Hardball’s Chris Matthews – Tea Party includes a bunch of crazies

Wow, dishonest journalism meant to make a confusing mess. Chris, you’re right, but the tent is even bigger than that. It includes anyone who wants a smaller government that spends less and maintains a free market. This is simply not a movement based on anything other than that.

More of the same from Chris Matthews:

Dylan Ratigan – The Tea Party is willing to accept people who want to kill blacks and jews and women??

Holy shit, my god, this guy is out of his fucking mind. Yeah, obviously this newsman doesn’t have an agenda. Where the hell did he come up with this idea?

Joan Walsh, editor of the news site

Do you see how she’s lumping the tea party in with things that have nothing to do with it? Why is she lecturing him about how women should have the right not only to vote but become president to a group she knows includes “Palin for President” supporters? (by the way I WOULD NOT choose Palin to represent our country)

Sometimes the media is caught commenting on the terrible implications of news it invented ( )

And then there’s our buddy Keith Olbermann. He must be the most desperate and frustrated media personality of them all.

WATCH THIS rant, this is fucking hilarious:

Here’s the link to the original unedited video:
If you have 9 minutes, it’s worth watching the whole thing.

Keith, buddy, I couldn’t agree with you more. At least your main point, that often when people are faced with a political force they fear, they invent a separate issue to oppose, an issue that won’t reveal their fear. Keith, that message was SPOT ON. Now go look in the mirror and do some thinking.

Keith, you ask, you beg, where are the minorities at these events?

“Let me ask all of you who attend these events, how many black faces do you see? How many Hispanics? Asians? Gays? Where are these people? ”

Ok well, that has nothing to with the point of the Tea Party, but they’re there; check out this video:

And here’s a great short clip of a Reporter trying to get a black guy at a tea party rally to say he’s uncomfortable:

Keith you may not be aware, but one of the biggest heroes of the Tea Party movement (and of mine) is a black guy!
Thomas Sowell, he’s fun to watch.

Another black hero of the movement is Walter Williams. He is a brilliant brilliant economist. Check out his article on the racist Obama opponents.
If you have 30 minutes, watch his excellent speech on economics, I would be surprised if you don’t then become a Tea Party supporter advocating a free market.

If Larry Elder wasn’t black he’d be a white trash racist too for supporting the tea baggers

Is the Tea Party black guy who owns (Bob Parks) a racist?

What about this black dude, Alfonzo Rachel. He must be a racist too?

Keith, you ask where are the hispanics? What the fuck dude? The Tea Party movement just happened to knock out the whitest of white boys, the entrenched and powerful Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist, to replace him with an unknown cuban Marco Rubio for the US Senate seat race in Florida. Obviously not because of anyone’s race, but because of their policies. Surely Keith, being a newsman and all, you didn’t overlook that, did you?

Here check out what Marco has to say:

If he was running, I’d vote for this guy as President (wish he dropped the god thing and the pro-life thing, but, ah hell, you can’t have everything)

Check out the mission statement of GOProud ( that states:

“GOProud represents gay conservatives and … is committed to [an] agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy.”

That sounds nearly identical to the Tea Party agenda ( Certainly the Tea Party doesn’t exclude gays.

And also, Keith, if you’re going to call it the Tea Klux Klan because it must be just some movement solely of redneck white christians, then what about me? I’m an atheist of jewish decent. I’m not a Republican, and I’ve never referred to myself as a conservative in my life. Is it ok for me to voice dissent without being lumped with racists, birthers and truthers. (Again, this isn’t a Republican movement, or Christian movement, or anything to do with Racism. It is simply a movement about establishing a Free Market with reduced government spending and reduced taxes. That’s it. Nothing more.)

It should be crystal clear to those of you in the media that many people of all backgrounds support the Tea Party. I would HIGHLY recommend you drop the racism thing, before you reveal yourselves as the “confused fearful and afraid” fools you’ve invented. If you continue to refuse to deal with the issues dead on, we’ll interpret why.

We all have lives to live, no one wants to go out and fight. No one needs that negativity. But what’s going on is wrong, and we’re not going to just lay down and eat it. If you keep smearing us, trying to discredit the ideas of a free society with a free economy as though that somehow represents racism, then you give us a clear focus. To take you down. Information is becoming decentralized through the web. This article you’re reading is helping to further that. I hope you enjoy your superior media positions while they last.

But a better approach would be to understand that these people at the protests are fighting your policies because they don’t want to be under your boot. They don’t support your ideas and they don’t want to pay for your plans. Let them go. Let them go free, and they will stop fighting you.

And they will stop fighting the President. They will happily accept him. Even if he’s black.


This is pretty funny. Here’s The Daily Show with John Stewart take on the smearing aired April 15, 2010 Tax Day:
(just watch the intro)

Additionally here’s a clip from a good Tax Day speech a couple days ago of Andrew Breitbart ripping the large media smear campaign

And lastly, my awesome new hero Dana Loesch talking about fighting the smear campaign against the Tea Party.