Your Boss Is Your Customer

Your boss is your customer. Your interview is your sales pitch. Your time and skills are your product. Your signed employment contract is your completed sale.

Your boss is your customer. Your power with any customer comes from your value to him. Bring a lot to the table by understanding in-hand what is ecommerce and everything about the business, and he will continue to be your customer. Bring even more to the table and you will have even more customers available. Supply and demand works great for you when there is only one of you. That is, of course, only if there’s not an uncountable number of others just like you.

Your boss is your customer. Some bosses are shitty. Some customers are shitty. Some customers are just nasty and unhappy no matter what you do. Some customers are not worth your time. If you’re unable to find quality customers, are you going to blame your customers?

Your boss is your customer. He is purchasing service from you monthly. Customer Service that lacks motivation and enthusiasm is a quick way to give him buyer’s remorse. This is why we encourage you to see this site, to find the best software to support your customer service.
If better service is provided elsewhere, he should purchase elsewhere. If he does fire you, he is not the asshole, you’re the asshole. Until you realize that, it’s doubtful you’ll fix the problem. Never expect someone to pay you for inferior service. If he does fire you and you have kids to feed, don’t blame your boss for their hardship.

Your boss is your customer. You treat your customers with respect. If you try to show a customer who’s boss, most of the time your customer will be happy to show you.

Your boss is your customer. It is not his job to make your life wonderful. But there is a way to help him do that for you. Do your part to make sure he makes money from you. Do your part to make his life wonderful. Not only is that the best way to encourage genuine benevolence, but he’ll have no choice but to return the favor if he has to compete with everyone else who now wants what you’re selling.

Your boss is your customer. He is not your mommy. He doesn’t give you allowance. You’re not entitled to be fed and taken care of. He is not charity. He is not a savior. He has no need for a body with an open mouth. He is not in the market to purchase a drain. And neither are you.

Your boss is your customer. If you try to cheat your customer you will be without customer. You will find it harder to ever get new customers.

Your boss is your customer. If he has not deceived you then he isn’t exploiting you. He can not demand that HIS customers give HIM a lunch break. He can not demand from his customers extra patience on urgent matters because he is limited from working during the hours of 9am to 5pm. He can not request paid vacation time from his customers. If your boss tried to make the same demands on his customers that his employees make on him, he wouldn’t be able to be your customer.

You are running a business. You are a business. Your body and brain are your tools. Your time and skills are the products you’re selling. Your boss is your customer. No business can succeed without happy customers. Only the successful realize this deeply.

Always make sure your customers get a good deal for their money, always treat your customers at least as well as you expect to be treated as a customer, and you will go far my friend, you will start seeing Managing Leads improvements.

UPDATE: If you are self-employed or you own a business and don’t have a boss, actually you do have a boss. There is a hand that feeds. Just change the first sentence in each paragraph to “Your customer is your boss” and most of this article will apply to you just fine.