Judd Weiss speaking at an Israeli School(I have a video on this article below)

I’m not religious, but I do come from a large religious Orthodox Jewish family. I’ve been to enough orthodox temple services to get a good idea of the one main issue that matters to most religious Jews when they vote for a presidential candidate:

Is he a friend of Israel?

I’m a supporter of Israel. Especially after I visited in 2007. I kind of just assumed it was a big desert with a bunch of odd religious fanatics. I was wrong. What a beautiful country. Tel Aviv was such a fun city. The nightlife, the beaches, the ancient castles, the shopping, the people with a lot of attitude. Israel is like a big playground. I was surprised to find that most Israelis are NOT religious, but they do love and respect their country, very much. What these people have built among all their hardship is undeniably inspiring; and it’s just such an enjoyable place to be.

Judd Weiss in Israel - Western Wall

At the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

If you walk around Israel and speak with the people about Israeli politics, it’s completely not controversial for everyone to acknowledge that Israel is more or less the puppet of the United States. Many Israelis talked about this with me. Everyone says the same thing. If a European nation or the UN condemns Israel, no one gives a damn. If the US is ever slightly annoyed, Israel jumps to address it. No one I met in Israel had any difficulty articulating that.

No one I met in Israel denied that their nation was under the thumb of the US Government, and yet, and yet every single one of them was grateful for US “support”.

I want to ask all my Jewish friends to think about this next question:

How can we call Israel a Jewish Homeland when it is ultimately controlled by the whims of the voters of the American population?

(pause to let that set in)

Judd Weiss in Israel - Golan Heights

They even have waterfalls in Israel!

We don’t have a homeland yet. Not unless we’re independent to make our own decisions. This aid comes at a heavy price. Our sovereignty and our ability to pursue our best interests should be for sale to no one. Certainly not for $3 Billion.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has strongly disapproved of Ron Paul, refusing to allow him to join their presidential debate they hosted on December 7. This is a mistake. If Republican Jews are going to remain consistent with their small government principles, they must oppose welfare for their causes just as they oppose welfare towards causes of other groups. As all limited government advocates know: welfare makes one dependent and weak.

Judd Weiss in Israel - Soldiers

Friendly Israeli Soldiers :)

Israel believes that it is dependent on America. This is not true. The people of Israel are capable and competent. They’ve been tested, and they’ve proved themselves many times. If Jews around the world are capable of raising hundreds of millions of dollars each year just to send students on a free trip to Israel, they are certainly capable of managing the lack of $3 Billion in annual US Aid.

Conventional wisdom has failed us because it is divorced from common sense. Going along with the mainstream is not virtuous when the mainstream is leading us off a cliff. We don’t need to bleed American resources in outrageously expensive wars in order to protect our homeland. We don’t need the hostility. We don’t need the loss of control. We don’t need the aid. Just like a young man doesn’t really have a place of his own while his parents are still paying some of the bills, we will never have our own homeland while seeking aid. Foreign aid is given in order to purchase precisely that which should not be for sale. For any Jew to state that Israel cannot exist without American aid, is to insult and degrade the Jews around the world and the capable people of Israel.

Judd Weiss in Israel - Tank

Being a douche-bag on a tank

Aid is for the sick and helpless. Foreign aid should not be taken away FROM us, it should be resoundly rejected BY us. Instead, we need to claim the courage we have earned, for Israel to finally become a sovereign nation under the thumb of no one.

In 1981, when the UN and most of the world, including the entire US congress and Ronald Reagan, condemned Israel for attacking a Nuclear Reactor under construction in IRAQ, at a time when Iraq was our ally against Iran, Ron Paul was the only single congressman to support Israel. Ron Paul DOES NOT want to destroy Israel, he is the only one who will free Israel from the shifting whims of the American public.

Should American voters be determining how Israel defends herself and where she draws her borders? If not, then our Jewish support for Ron Paul is our step towards reclaiming our dignity and a bold step towards achieving a higher level of strength and power for Israel.

That is one reason why you should encourage other Jews to support and vote for Ron Paul.


Now I would like to focus on another matter. Ron Paul has gotten heat for the existence of anti-Semitic Jew-hating racists among his supporters. About which I would say… Fantastic!

These bigots represent a tiny drop in the bucket among the vast world of Ron Paul supporters (unfortunately a couple have even served as his ghostwriters on old newsletters, yes that is unfortunate). What encourages me is that previously these bigots existed only in their small self contained world of bigots. Getting these bigots to step out of that world and join a larger broader coalition may be one of the greatest gifts of the Ron Paul campaign towards Jewish people and other minorities.

Bigotry and racism are a problem. It’s an American problem that existed long before Ron Paul and his movement. Finally someone like Ron Paul has come around to expose these bigots to other ideas, even to get them to work together with those they once considered an enemy.

Judd Weiss in Israel

Digging for Treasures

I discussed this matter with a Jewish Libertarian who opposes Ron Paul because he refuses to distance himself from his bigoted supporters. My friend doesn’t wish to be a part of any group that includes anti-Semites, explaining that one must draw the line somewhere. He asked if I would allow a Jew-hating anti-Semite in my home. “As long as he doesn’t damage anything, I would welcome him eagerly” I responded. “And I can pretty much guarantee that when he leaves my home he will not be an anti-Semite any longer.”

That is my approach. And I am grateful for a man like Ron Paul to get racists and bigots out of their shell to focus on a greater cause. It’s a very positive thing that he’s managed to get racists to donate to an agenda of liberty.

Judd Weiss in Israel - Ashdod

Speaking to young students at an Israeli school in Ashdod

I don’t hate the racists who hate me. They’re just scared of me and they don’t know why. Their ideas may well be shit, but their ideas don’t make them a piece of shit. Ideas are not people. People are not ideas. You now hold views you didn’t before and might not in the future. We all started from nothing. A wrong turn on our journey shouldn’t disqualify any of us from being capable of getting back on track.

I am grateful that Ron Paul is wise enough to disavow Racism while refusing to disavow misguided people. For the same reason we don’t disavow toddlers for being ignorant, but instead we help them learn and understand; we too should not disavow ignorant and misguided people, but instead try as best we can to help them learn and understand.

That is a far more effective approach to getting through to people and accomplishing our goals.

Minorities should seize upon this great opportunity to connect with those who were once afraid of them, while working together to promote the cause of greater liberty for us all by supporting Ron Paul to become our next US President.

Please share this article with any and all of your Jewish friends. Let’s get a discussion started on this.

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