Hong Kong - Hustlebear.comTo know me is to know that I’ve had a Sony NEX camera attached to my arm for the past 2 years. I get a million messages a day asking for photos, and I’ve come to realize I’ll simply never be able to physically get to all of them, I have many 10s of Thousands of photos waiting to be sorted through, individually edited, and organized into Facebook albums. Cranking out 2 facebook albums a week isn’t going to cut it, there’s too many. But I will definitely get around to the good stuff. I watermark each photo with HustleBear.com because I have absolutely no intention to ever make a professional career out of photography and figured I might as well bring eyeballs to my blog. I’m not a professional photographer, I’m a hobbyist, but I’m heartened to see so much enthusiasm from so many people over the photos. Judd Weiss - Hong Kong - Hustlebear.comIt’s insane, but I have over 1000 (!) Facebook profile photos out there among my friends. That’s pretty fucking cool man. Whenever I log in I see mostly my photos in my friends list. To date I’ve got 819 email notifications that someone used my shot as their profile pic, and much of the time I’m not notified, and never when it’s a cover photo. So yeah, that helps make it feel like a worthwhile hobby. Since the pics are watermarked to this site, and with all the activity my Facebook albums have been generating, people often ask me why I’m not posting these photos up on my blog.

I don’t have a good answer. It’s a good point.

Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com

Sebastian Marshall - Hong Kong - Hustlebear.comSo here you go, I’m going to start posting some of my favorite sets of photos more regularly. I’ll start with my Hong Kong trip earlier this year. I was there for only about 3 days, but it’s an interesting story. I visited my friend Sebastian Marshall who runs a popular blog at www.sebastianmarshall.com. He’s a recently published author (check out his book IKIGAI), he blogs pretty much every single day (I have no fucking idea how he manages that), he’s been traveling around Asia for the last few years writing and pursuing various business ventures, and he’s even written a viral popular blog article about me and 50 Cent! Sebastian has been a very close friend for several years now. I’ve never seen anyone like him. We don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I can’t deny how impressed I am. While in life I’m often in the role of trainer and guide, I’m pleased to find that I’ve learned a lot from Sebastian. Sebastian Marshall - Hong Kong - Hustlebear.comIndeed I’ve picked up some very valuable life lessons that I will always be grateful to him for. People often think I’m a maniac to take the kind of risks I do and because I don’t have much hesitancy for confrontation… well those people certainly haven’t met Sebastian, because often I find I’m not anywhere on his level in that department. I thought I was a ballsy maniac, but this guy actually makes ME think HE’S a maniac. He tells me he learned it from me, but there’s no fucking way, I don’t go as far as he does. Sebastian definitely brings up many important thought provoking issues, his blog is worth checking out.

Stepan Parunashvili - Hong Kong - Hustlebear.comI’m digressing. Sebastian had a business opportunity he wanted me to get involved with earlier this year, and asked me to fly out to Asia. I told him we can just connect via Skype. He sent me a paid ticket to Hong Kong with a nice hotel room. I said ok. How could I refuse that? I was only in Hong Kong for about 3 days. This wasn’t tourism, I spent most of that time working with Sebastian. But I did have 1 full day to check out Hong Kong accompanied with Sebastian’s assistant, Stepan. I let Stepan use my backup camera and showed him a thing or two about taking photos and he picked it up very fast. Which is awesome because it meant I could finally get a few decent shots of myself. That was an eventful day, Stepan and I covered an impressive amount of Hong Kong from morning till very late at night, taking tons of photos.

Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com

Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com Hong Kong - Hustlebear.com

Hong Kong is a fascinating city of controversy and triumph. It’s a culture torn between the ultra modern and the very ancient. This is where secular ultra high achievers clash with the very superstitious and spiritual. There’s so much below the surface, I hope I’ll have more time in the future to explore it further.

Here’s my pics of Hong Kong. Hope it gives you a better idea of what that world is like.


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