BC s gift card law speaks to expiry dates, when fees can be charged, and what information must be disclosed to you. In general, British Columbia s gift card legislation prohibits expiry dates and fees except in certain circumstances , requires suppliers to disclose certain prescribed information and sets out how that information must be disclosed and gives gift card purchasers certain refund and other rights where the legislation is not complied with. In BC, there is a law called the Prepaid Purchase Cards Regulation we oversee this law and it outlines rules about gift cards. The following chart about gift card expiration dates and fees might come in handy when you re doing your holiday shopping. In British Columbia, the rules governing gift card expiration are outlined in the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and an associated regulation called the Prepaid Purchase Cards Regulation. Under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, a business cannot issue a prepaid purchase card with an expiry date. 56.1 In this Part, but subject to the regulations, prepaid purchase card means a card, written certificate or other voucher or device with a monetary value that is issued or sold to a person in exchange for the future supply of goods or services to a consumer, and includes a gift card and gift certificate, but does not include a cash card as defined in Part 6.1 Payday Loans . Comstock, Beth, 121 Is it to the point? – Generation of interest and inquiries for your business. Other differences have to do with industry-specific jargon. Rag has one meaning to someone looking for a job in the garment industry, another in the publishing business, and yet another meaning to someone wanting to buy a chamois to polish a car. For America to be displaced, not in the world, but only in the western Pacific, by an Asian people long despised and dismissed with contempt as decadent, feeble, corrupt, and inept is emotionally very difficult to accept. The sense of cultural supremacy of the Americans will make this adjustment most difficult. Americans believe their ideas are universal the supremacy of the individual and free, unfettered expression. But they are not never were. In fact, American society was so successful for so long not because of these ideas and principles, but because of a certain geopolitical good fortune, an abundance of resources and immigrant energy, a generous flow of capital and technology from Europe, and two wide oceans that kept conflicts of the world away from American shores. 15