Charles Ramsey is the Cleveland man who heard Amanda Berry screaming for help and broke down the front door, initiating the rescue of Amanda along with her daughter, Gina deJesus and Michelle Knight. This is Charles perspective, along with his history, opinions about politics you ll definitely be surprised and getting involved in an … Dead giveaway. That s what next-door neighbor Charles Ramsey told a television reporter who asked him about helping to rescue Amanda Berry from the home of Ariel Castro on Seymour Avenue in … Dead giveaway. With two words Charles Ramsey was launched into internet stardom. … the disappearance of Amanda Berry in 2003 and Gina DeJesus in 2004 were mutually solved at once as we got word … HD version of the interview with Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey that went viral the night he helped rescue three women on Cleveland s Seymour Avenue May 6, 20… CLEVELAND – After going missing more than 10 years ago, Amanda Berry shouted to a man from a Seymour Avenue house on Monday.Charles Ramsey and Angel Cordero … Mission Law Government 6 Ps of Real-Time Marketing Done Right Once a permission base is built, it is possible to leverage it. When you have permission to talk with relevance and personalization to a large number of people, you can piggyback new messages to the group and dramatically increase profits. Submitting to Social News Services