Many people have been getting text messages claiming to be from Amazon Prime regarding a gift that has been pending for three days. In a different variation, the text message could refer to a fake Amazon Prime Day winner. The scammers tell recipients that the gift will be sent via USPS the United States Postal Office . And it is that the OSI, the Internet Security Office, has detected a campaign of sending false emails that impersonate Amazon s identity. The objective is to redirect the victim through a link provided in the email to a fraudulent website phishing that pretends to be that of the service in question . There is no such $130 freebie for a survey or any other similar kinds of prizes organized by Amazon company over a text message which proves the message claiming you can get $130 freebie for completing a survey is a bogus, a complete fake message, not the legit one. If you don t believe us, then you can confirm it by contacting the support … As individuals continue to self-quarantine amid the current coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19 , people who are purchasing packages from Amazon and FedEx need to be careful when it comes to opening delivery updates via text and email. Scammers are hoping to profit off customers and are disguising text messages to appear as coming from these well-known enterprises. Scammers send text messages with phishing links from Coinbase, falsely claiming that there are issues with your account and ask you to check account status via the link. If you submit your login information, scammers can take over your account! Walmart Survey Scam. This week we have detected 4 times more Walmart-related text message scam cases. First of all, Buffett is honest about the company s successes and failures. When he talks about the successes, it is always in a humble manner. When he talks about his personal oversights, he is not above self-deprecation. In one of his letters, for example, he says 2015 3. From here, click the button to enable the Browse feed, and then click Save. Do not buy the baby a pair of three-hundred-dollar sneakers, I told her, handing over a holiday bonus. She laughed, all Christmas and light, and swore that she wouldn t. But I can t promise not to buy him a leather jacket! And then I watched my delighted could-have-been self walk out the door. Companies have seen that a mass market broadcast strategy isn t working as well as it used to, especially when targeting the hard-to-reach upper-income demographic. As this lucrative audience spends less time watching TV, marketers are working overtime trying to find media with less clutter, where their interruption techniques can be more effective.