Yes I have won hundreds of sweepstakes online. Yes that was plural I said hundreds. The thing is I stay consistent putting in several hours a day of entering Instant Win, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly entries into online sweepstakes and they do pay off. 645 views The operator of a popular sweepstakes blog, she has made the hobby into a full-time job. Coke flanked by a selection of recent wins via Ms. Coke, In her 20 years of sweepstaking, she s hauled in more than 300k US $376k in prizes, including A brand new VW Beetle. 35k in cash. Won a ps4 from taco bell. First contest I ever really sought out to follow and enter everyday. Every 15 minutes there was a winner. I always clicked on the posts of people who won and talked about when they entered and such, realized best to enter around 4am EST when most people across the country were asleep to improve my odds. In January 2013 and January 2014 Disney has done a sweepstakes where they gave away a free trip every day for the month. There are always a few threads to see how many Disboard folks win. There were a few maybe 5-6 or more each year that have said they won on here. Bing just notified me that I won one an Xbox One with Kinect Sports. They say I should receive it in 8-10 weeks. I have never won anything besides an office pool. I would prefer to win a Surface 2, but I ll take the Xbox One. I put in about 350 entries. For proof, when they announce the winners, my name should show up as Joe S. under the winners. To satisfy your selfish desire to do what you love? Click Profile, and then select Edit Profile from the drop-down list that opens. Your mama isn t exactly Doris Day, he said in agreement, and we raised our glasses to the difficult women we were crazy about. This is precisely why GE s campaign works. It is a company that is passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and this campaign and initiative speak authentically to who GE is as a brand, while highlighting its key differentiator GE is working on balancing the equation. Visual content like images, videos, infographics and even Slideshare presentations can be used to make your LinkedIn profile more eye-catching, whilst showcasing your achievements, brands that you have worked with and provided benefit to, your research, and skills at the same time. Examples of great content to feature includes popular blog posts, screenshots of customer testimonials like a tweet or product review , or a video of an impressive speech you gave at a conference. Simply click to edit your profile, click the icon next to any job position, then choose to upload a file or share a link. Where Slideshare is concerned, you can share an uploaded presentations direct to your LinkedIn profile s Summary section via the Add to profile option, which appears when you hover over a presentation in the My Uploads section of Slideshare. The same option will be present when you upload new slideshows.