Video of the Day – Matt Ridley: When Ideas Have Sex

Phenomenal! I’ve never heard a stronger case made for Libertarianism and Free Trade from an Anthropological point of view. The opening statement subtly helps put Global Warming Alarmism in perspective. He even quoted the famous libertiarian piece I Pencil. Matt Ridley just gave this presentation several days ago at TED. This is up there with the quality of Richard Dawkins’ Growing Up in the Universe.

In Defense of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

In Defense of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Of course some things are nobody’s business. But if you shared it on Facebook in the first place, then why are you complaining that it’s nobody’s business?

This Facebook privacy issue is getting out of hand.

First a little bit about Mark

I am SO impressed with this kid. I’ve looked at a bunch of 30 under 30 lists. Compared to Mark, their accomplishments are a joke. Compared to Mark, our accomplishments are a joke. And I feel like that has a lot to do with the flak he’s getting. You can’t rise too high without hands grabbing at your legs to pull you down. A 20-something kid is not supposed to become a billionaire and own the most popular site on the web. That’s upsetting to some in their 20s. That’s even more upsetting to some in their 40s. Friendster and MySpace are cesspools of intrusive spam. They’re still available, but no one is criticizing their founders for the lack of privacy there. If you are upset with Mark Zuckerberg for any reason, be careful that your words don’t reek with envy. This happened to Bill Gates when he and Microsoft were at the top, and then we were left with Ballmer and Vista. PLEASE tread lightly.

Facebook has done more to bring people together than any technology in human history.

Opt In vs. Opt Out
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Music Pick of the Day – The Cure

The Cure – Disintegration

Music Pick of the Day - The Cure

Love Song
Pictures of You
Fascination Street

(Click image for

Holy fuck!
Many of my favorite bands were heavily influenced by The Cure. So many friends that I respect love The Cure. And I’ve always responded with “Yeah, they’re ok, not really into them.”
I only just heard “Disintegration”. Wow! Now I understand. This is truly epic.
This is the spacier, darker, prettier side of The Cure.
If this album didn’t happen in 1989 I think music today would be worse.

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Movie Review: Robin Hood – A Tea Party Tax Avenger?

Movie Review: Robin Hood - A Tea Party Tax Avenger?

Today I just saw the new Robin Hood movie directed by Ridley Scott. I was SURPRISED. Not just because I liked it better than I thought I would. Not because it was political, but because the message was so different from what you expect of the man who steals from the rich to give to the poor. And mostly that the message was so eloquently SPOT ON.

I never judge a movie’s quality by what it’s trying to say. I judge it by how well it says it. Avatar was an amazing movie, expressed itself powerfully, even though its message was juvenile. Not only did Robin Hood have an excellent message, but it brought it out in dramatic form so expertly.

This movie was about taxes. Yes, taxes. And it drives home the point of what taxes mean in the backstory. Showing how in 12th Century England people of the country are breaking their backs to support themselves in harsh times, only to see what they’ve produced and earned ripped from their hands by rulers demanding that everyone pay their fair share. Their fare share for the rulers’ endless wars and other endless expensive spending projects. Eventually it gets to be too much and the people organize together in mass for a tax revolt. Hmm… Tea Party?

I’m google-ing online now and finding many critics are very upset that this is not the classic steal from the rich to give to the poor Robin Hood. There’s no other such socialist undertones that imply rising higher than others is inherently wrong. No, instead there’s a demand on the King that a charter be drafted to limit his powers so that he cannot spend or tax without the consent of the governed. Robin Hood shouts to the crowd “What we ask for is Liberty. Liberty by Law!”, and makes the case to the King that a land of free people will create a stronger more prosperous England, as well as create citizens more loyal than any King enjoys.

[Check out the Trailer Below]

Yup, the movie’s message is a nearly explicit rallying cry for the Tea Party movement. And feels like an attack on both Bush and Obama.   Continue Reading >>   

The Four Words You Will Never Say Again in Business: That’s Not My Job

The Four Words You Will Never Say Again in Business: That's Not My Job

If you ever answer someone important with “That’s Not My Job” you will be RIGHT! It won’t be your job when you’re terminated for being unimportant or useless.

Those words are banned if you’re an entrepreneur with a system integrator company, and even if you have a salary. If those words ever come out of your mouth, don’t expect to go very far. It’s as simple as that. Your job is to put food in your stomach. Your job is to ensure that your operation is successful. Your job is to do whatever the fuck you need to do to make that happen.

That is the path of the achiever. He goes over and above. He doesn’t lose money and opportunities by being snotty. Of course the division of labor is important. Of course you shouldn’t always try to do everything. Of course you need to decide what is legitimately worth your time, not to waste time on time wasting things. But when push comes to shove and you have a real problem or a real opportunity, you do everything you can to handle it. I don’t care if you’re dealing with clients or you’re a salary employee, if you would ever like to move beyond your current position, you need to go beyond what you think is your job description.

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Music Pick of the Day – Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Music Pick of the Day - Does It Offend You, Yeah?

With A Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)
We Are Rockstars
Dawn of the Dead
Doomed Now
Epic Last Song

(Click image for

These guys are definitely one of the best electro house indie 80s new wave synth-pop punk metal hardcore raver break-beat bands out there. Yeah, this album is ALL OVER the place. Nothing is consistent here except insanity and genius. I am SO impressed. I think the album title just about sums it up. It’s not that these different styles haven’t been done before, but their attitude and take on everything is fresh, so unique and so much fun. “Does it Offend You, Yeah?” is definitely not for everyone, and even my first jarring impression left me wondering what the fuck is wrong with these maniacs. I forced myself to try and figure out just how anyone could actually enjoy this (an exercise I often do with adored bands I’m not feeling) until it quickly grew on me to the point where I felt bored with everything else. The only song here I still just can’t get into is “Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus”; it’s too ‘eating paint and bouncing off the walls’ for me. Some of the songs here do sound like they’d fit right into place on The Killers’ “Hot Fuss” album, but those pieces are excellent and much better than what the Killers are putting out lately anyway.
This album slams with a sledgehammer, and yet it maintains a high level of subtlety and sophistication, while it incites rebellious disobedience, out of control slam dancing, and a deep philosophical reexamination of the purpose of music.
I can’t wait for their next album due out hopefully sometime this year.
(Free tip for guys: If your romantic overtures aren’t working and some girl is giving you a lot of shit; change up the mood, put this cd on loud starting with track 2 [“With a Heavy Heart”] and she’ll know not to fuck around anymore) ;)

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Video of the Day – Google Phone “Whisper Ads”

Oh, I love Onion News! This 911 call is epic

New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users’ Ears

Picture of the Day – Wedding Negotiations

This is giving me nightmares of my sister, but still, this is great:

Picture of the Day - Wedding Negotiations

Click to Enlarge






How to handle Neighbors Pissed Off over a Crazy Late Night Party

How to handle Neighbors Pissed Off over a Crazy Late Night Party

actual photo taken from the house party

(note: I wrote this a year and a half ago at the end of 2008. Hope this will give you insight into how I normally deal with massive conflicts in business, by confronting issues head on, finding common ground, not getting defensive, and taking real genuine action beyond words.)

So last month I rented out my house to a Hollywood promoter who threw an insane party with over 350 people. The party was more elaborate than anything I ever threw. There was a platform with hot girls go-go dancing under a rack of lights beaming a spectrum through the fog. Cool effect, and everyone was having a great time, telling me it’s the best party they’ve ever been to. But it was hard for me to walk around knowing maybe 5% of the people, feeling like I’m in some Hollywood club, only it’s my house, filled way beyond capacity, those are my tables and couches they are spilling their drinks over, these drunk assholes are fucking with MY things.

So anyway, the party seriously pissed off some of my neighbors. I’m probably 1/3 the age of the youngest people that live on this quiet street in Bel Air. I guess they’re not into loud crazy Hollywood parties, and so in the morning I got this email threatening cops if I do it again:   Continue Reading >>   

Music Pick of the Day – Thunderball

Thunderball – Scorpio Rising

Music Pick of the Day - Thunderball

Heart of the Hustler
Vai Vai

(Click image for

This is one of my favorite CDs. Adding Drum & Bass to funky 70s blaxplotation movie music and some latin soul. I’m adopting the first track as the Hustle Bear theme song. Listen for the chorus “Watch out! For the Hustle Bear!”. What a fucking cool album. Both chill and energetic. The beats are clever and complex and FUN. Great for the gym. Great for when you have some friends over. Great for when you’re in the mood to get down and get some of that… anyway it’s a cool vibe, check it out!

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