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My Favorite German Game Show

How Multi Level Marketing is a great way to piss off your friends and ALWAYS leave you poor

How Multi Level Marketing is a great way to piss off your friends and ALWAYS leave you poor

Who wants to have MILLIONS of dollars coming in EACH MONTH without having to do ANYTHING? Raise your hand! Who wants to retire at 32 and watch the money pile up while enjoying a 6 month vacation? Raise Your Hand! All you need to do is pay $499 and make just 20 sales, and find 3 other people to do the same and help them find 3 other people to do the same, and anyway who cares about the specifics, it’s not so hard and you can make more money than you can DREAM about! Now who’s feeling that? RAISE YOUR HAND! That’s right, can I get a hell yeah? Guys, we’re talking about MILLIONS of dollars. Louder. I said can I get a HELL YEAH!!

The nicest thing I can do for friends that try to recruit me into a Multi Level Marketing business is to destroy their motivation and tell them to get the fuck out.   Continue Reading >>   

Music Pick of the Day – Sacred Spirit

Sacred Spirit – Vol. 8: Jazzy Chill Out

Music Pick of the Day - Sacred Spirit

You’re Gonna Love
Bad Luck
A New Dawn
Da Cool
Love Comes My Way
Some Like It Easy

(Click image for

EPIC ALERT!! The album title isn’t too creative, but I will go on record and say this is one of the most creative constructions of music ever forged by man. I am floored by this album, and I can’t stop listening to it. Gorgeous, just fucking gorgeous. As the album title suggests, yes it is jazzy chillout music, but that’s an understatement. This is jazz in an electronica framework, with some elements of classical music. There is so much detail, complexity, emotion, all with a simple easy attitude, making the album feel beautiful, deep, serious, and a lot of fun at the same time. Pay attention to the details; the piano is like it’s own emotional character running throughout the album; the soundscapes are atmospheric; the sampled singers are dripping with soul and attitude; the violin brings dramatic flair; the beats are alive with groove and energy. I had a hard time picking which songs to share, because they are all outstanding. My favorites are the opening “You’re Gonna Love” and “New Dawn” which features Nina Simone in a whole new light.

I don’t know how he blended this all together and left it sounding so tasteful and classy, but my hat comes off for Claus Zundel who has not only created some phenomenal music as B-Tribe (reviews to come later), but most amazingly, he has never put out a jazz release before this. I know, what the fuck, how the hell…? But maybe that’s why this turned out so well, because he approached jazz from a different angle, and so he brought a new fresh spin on it. Besides, the guy is a proven musical genius in many different genres, constantly challenging himself to absorb some new style and master it.

Don’t Calm Yourself Down

Don't Calm Yourself Down

Have you ever swam in a powerful current? Try to swim against it and you are powerless, burning energy, losing control, moving backwards. Swim with it and you become a force of nature.

Nobody’s fooling nobody. Hustling ain’t easy. You’re going to constantly face challenging obstacles that will make you uncomfortable. To get far, you will need to improve your skill of converting anxiety into a swelling source of power. If you are having trouble with that I would advice you to read this CBD Lotion on LA Weekly list that can guide you through the process of finding a reliable source for a medicine that can help you reduce anxiety, to learn more about the best CBD oil brands visit this site. While CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis plants, according to everal people are using CBD to manage anxiety. Vaping is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to feel the potential benefits of CBD when experiencing chronic anxiety attacks. If you want to know more about the vape pens you can check the best wax dab pen at You also can buy weed online canada, online dispensaries are aware of the correct mix and content. And that helps them to examine the products before listing it on their websites.

My years in college were pretty much a waste of my life. But there was one valuable lesson I learned that made that wasted time almost worth it. It was one short anecdote from my teacher in Speech class. Public speaking is a well known source of severe anxiety for people. To help deal with that anxiety, our teacher told us the anecdote of 2 boys sitting next to each other on a roller coaster. They are slowly climbing the initial ascent, before the big first drop and high speed twisting chaos. The buildings below are getting smaller as the boys slowly climb, and one boy tenses up shaking his head “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO”. The other boy next to him is alive on fire “YES YES YES YES YES”. Our teacher explained that if you analyze the brain chemistry of the 2 boys, the same chemicals are firing. They are experiencing the same emotions. The only difference between them is how they choose to respond to their emotions. One is trying to block the rush of energy and return to normal. The other is enjoying the rush, feeding off it.

The rush will come when something is a big deal. When you’re about to perform your first court trial. When you ambush a difficult to pin down businessman. When you’re about to get out on stage or out on the field. When you call a girl you’re excited about. Educate yourself about CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum and which one is the best option for you. The solution is NOT to pretend to yourself that it’s not a big deal, trying to feel normal. That’s fighting against a powerful current. That’s cutting yourself off from yourself. That’s LOSING control and moving backwards. Normal is gone. Cry about that if you want, it’s not coming back, accept it. The roller coaster is moving. What is natural now is excitement. Good. Excitement is so much more useful than indifference.

This IS a big deal. Harness that excitement. Don’t calm yourself down. Rile yourself up. Don’t block out the anxiety. Relax into it. Let it overcome you. You can also take whole plant supplements like a full spectrum hemp oil from Synchronicity Hemp Oil, it can bring a balance you didn’t know you needed. You know how tense you feel when you really have to pee, but you’re holding it? Think of the rush of energy like that. But stop tensing up and holding back; let it all out. If you still have a little left inside, push that out too. You’ll feel numb for a moment, the rush of energy flows and tingles through to your fingers and down through your legs. Much of it soon dissipates and you are left on fire.

Now go kill ’em all


Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
– Jim Morrison, The Doors


Music Pick of the Day – Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse – 1972

Music Pick of the Day - Josh Rouse

Come Back (Light Therapy)
Love Vibrations

(Click image for

Josh Rouse used to make indie alt-country rock. Now he’s on a spanish music kick. Everything he does is quite good. But his album “1972” is a unique gem. That’s the year he was born and he made an album that sounds like it actually came from 1972. He nailed the sound and spirit of the era, while bringing a modern element to it. The album is just so clever. Intelligent and fun and epic.

The Art of Smearing the Tea Baggers – Part 2

The Art of Smearing the Tea Baggers - Part 2

This is a continuation of my latest article:

“If you believe that government shouldn’t tax you and spend away your future then you must be a RACIST!!!”

Have you read it?
No? Go read it and come back.

This is eye-opening. I guess those in the Mainstream Media feel so emboldened with their power as a significant source for spreading information, that they believe they can just discredit and eliminate any movement that might be bothersome to their agenda.

I got several emails from my last article asking me to give some evidence of the media smearing the Tea Party. Ok, valid, the following is just a drop from a small splash in the wave of media smearing of the Tea Party.

First off, Guys… I have something to tell you. I just found out I’m in love. Yes, it’s true. Oh my god, this girl is AMAZING! I just found this right now. Dana Loesch held her own against Hardball’s Chris Matthews’ relentless attempts to smear the Tea Party movement, and made the argument I made in my last post better than I possibly could have on air. Behold:

There are many examples of smearing:   Continue Reading >>   

Music Pick of the Day – Catherine Wheel, Part 2

To follow up on my last Music Pick of the Day, I definitely think Adam and Eve is their greatest album but Catherine Wheel does have a large wealth of other great material. I want to share some of it with you.

Catherine Wheel – Happy DaysMusic Pick of the Day - Catherine Wheel, Part 2

God Inside My Head
Little Muscle

(Click image for

“Happy Days” was one of my favorite albums when I was 15. With this album Catherine Wheel shifted away from their shoegazer/dream pop sound and fully embraced grunge and brutally heavy metal, creating a cool contrast with a softer non-metal singer. I don’t listen to grunge metal so much anymore, but holy shit, the song “God Inside My Head” kicks ass! Play it load. Just play it real loud from the beginning. “Waydown” was a huge radio hit in ’95. “Little Muscle” is a fun song about your tongue.
Compare and contrast this with their next album Adam and Eve

[A LOT more music and videos after the break]
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If you believe government shouldn’t tax you and spend away your future then you must be a RACIST!!!

If you believe government shouldn't tax you and spend away your future then you must be a RACIST!!!

Today is Tax day. Here’s my special article to celebrate.

It’s very likely that you know someone who is crushed under a huge debt he/she can’t get free of. Well that’s what happens when you spend much more than you make. You’ll have to pay for it at some point in the future. And when the future becomes due, life becomes hard. The extra financial burden and lack of new credit sucks.

Let’s say you’re in debt, but it wasn’t you who spent it. Let’s say a buddy started running your card and buying a bunch of things you don’t want for people you don’t know. He’s got an idea to help some people out, so that’s cool, right? That’s legit? But he didn’t buy a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. The dude ran your bill up to $78,000! WTF? That’s more than your yearly salary, it’ll take years to pay off. Besides, you thought your credit limit was like only $7000. Well that’s ok, your friend managed to raise your credit limit to infinity, so there’s no telling how much he’ll make you responsible for, plus compounding interest. And.. he’s.. only.. just.. getting.. started.

What!? You don’t like it? Too bad motherfucker! If you don’t like it, you’re a RACIST!!!

Now I’ve seen a lot of media smearing over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much smearing as what’s being done to the Tea Party.

This is vicious.   Continue Reading >>   

It’s Easier to Sell Something when You List the Faults

It's Easier to Sell Something when You List the Faults

Here’s a business paradox for you. Your sales will increase when you tell people what’s wrong with what you’ve got. Including if what you’re selling is you and your services.


This is mostly unheard of in the business world. Everyone in business is constantly fronting. This is a world full of mega-fucking-huge egos resting on inflated claims of grandeur. No way anybody’s gonna admit what they’ve got for sale is not perfect, especially if it one’s personal service.

But you see, your buyers, they’re sniffing. They’re constantly sniffing, looking for the catch. What’s the catch here? They simply can’t rest until they find it. Your buyers just won’t be ready to make a deal until they can figure out what the real drawback might be with what you’re offering.

So PUT THEIR MINDS TO REST. Tell them what could possibly be wrong for them with your deal. Lay out the faults and limitations of what you’re offering. This does a couple amazing things for you. It allows your customer to feel like he can truly evaluate the deal and be in a better position to make a decision. That’s huge. HUGE. But most importantly, it’s honest; and therefore it boosts your credibility considerably. And, it’s shocking. You have just separated and elevated yourself above the rest of the snake oil salesmen out there. You are a credible source of info in a world of bloodsuckers. Your business customers will cling to you for safety like a 4 year old clings to his blanket. It will no longer matter much what kind of claims your competitor promises, because your customers just don’t know that they can rely on those claims, but they know that they can rely on you. And that puts money in your pocket and stability to your career.

The truth does pay because the truth is valuable. Credibility is valuable. Even more so when there’s more money on the line.   Continue Reading >>   

Music Pick of the Day – Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel – Adam and Eve

Music Pick of the Day - Catherine Wheel

Future Boy
Phantom of the American Mother
Here Comes The Fat Controller

(Click image for

This album changed me. It changed my taste in music.
I loved loved Catherine Wheel’s 1995 grunge heavy metal album “Happy Days” when I was 15. I listened to it all the time, turned it up loud, and fed off its pounding energy. I was so excited when I heard in early 1997 that Catherine Wheel has a new album coming. I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait. Then “Adam and Eve” came out and… I was disappointed. So disappointed. Just so surprised to hear them so stripped down and bare. What is this sissy shit? You know, I thought I was about to bite into a sloppy chili cheeseburger with bacon and onion rings only to discover that I just bit into a warm goat cheese sandwich on wheat toast with beansprouts and eggplant. WTF?? Very startling and upsetting for an aggressive 16 year old. I listened to it just once, put it on my shelf and didn’t touch the cd for 3 years. I wasn’t alone with that opinion, many of the newer fans weren’t into it, and the label was upset, ultimately dropping the band and letting the album go out of print quickly.

3 years later, I picked it up again for some reason at the much more mature age of 19 and discovered maybe the most beautiful thing I ever heard. My god. This album is stripped away and about pulling back the layers and getting somewhere authentic. I can now tell that Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and Talk Talk’s “Spirit of Eden” were big inspirations. I heard the song “Future Boy” and I was stopped cold. You understand the meaning of the song just from the production mixing, when the rising swirl of insanity and noise disappears into a singer alone with his acoustic guitar. I wanted to learn how to play this song on guitar. I’d been playing guitar for 3 years at this point, but it was this song that got me to turn off the distortion and learn chords beyond metal power chords. This started my journey through acoustic rock. And I was suddenly sad to realize that creating one of the most beautiful works of all time earned this band the reward of being dropped from their label and having their album go out of print to fade into obscurity.
Although they did add one radio friendly song at the last minute; “Delicious” is a cool song, just out of place here.
If this album didn’t exist there never would have been any Coldplay. Listen to Coldplay’s first record “Parachutes”. It’s a watered down attempt at “Adam and Eve”. But props to Coldplay, they were so much better when they tried to pull off Catherine Wheel than when they tried to pull off U2.

[B-sides and Video after the break]

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