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Many consider this the best Trip Hop album of all time. Surpassing even Portishead and Massive Attack. Well, I’d say it’s certainly a contender. The beats are intelligent and complex. The music is gorgeous and epic, the female vocals enchanting. BUT!!! Many of the songs are ruined when from out of nowhere this 80s style Rapper needlessly comes in and just fucking kills the vibe, jarring a careful creation of art and beauty. The album would be really sexy if there wasn’t any rapping. What were they thinking?! Londinium is the great masterpiece that almost was. And still could be with a minor tweak. ARCHIVE, PLEASE release a version with the rapper completely mixed out. Then you’ll have a real contender for the greatest trip hop album prize. Seriously, this album is really good. As the title suggests, these guys are from London and apparently this first album of theirs from the 90s was competing with all awesomeness coming out of Bristol. Archive has evolved into a completely different sound now 7 albums later, but you can hear seeds of their current sound here. Still, even though they’re not trip hop anymore, it seems like any one song here could fit somewhere on their latest albums.