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Photo Shoot: Light

Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd WeissHere’s another nude set I shot with Monique. You’ll quickly notice that I went a little bit further with these than the “Shadows” set with her. Well, I’ve got to get comfortable with my foray into shooting nudes. Slowly ;)

These were shot last October, right after our night at the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. Monique’s outfit was a Diamond in The Rough, which makes an appearance in some of these. Monique and I love this set of photos, and both feel like they should be shared.

I love that “Shadows” set with her, but this “Light” set are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever shot (and I’ve got quite a lot of photos out there now). Both sets are good counterpoints to each other.

Shooting in bright light instead of the dark makes shooting nudes, well a lot more nude. I intentionally let the grain remain for the edge I wanted, and to differentiate these shots from shooting porn (which I have no interest in ever shooting). No disrespect to porn, but I’m trying to do something a little more thoughtful and compelling. A major difference is that most porn embraces the social stigma that nudity and sex is dirty, taking that baton and running with it into far raunchier territory. I’d just rather ignore that stigma entirely and focus on capturing the most beautiful and most captivating photos I can. I’m growing with my photography hobby. Though it seems it’s now clashing with my experience in dealing with difficult aspects of our culture.

I’ve experienced some awful behavior from a world so consumed with insanely twisted thoughts regarding the sin of sex. This isn’t the moment for an articulate argument about it. These pictures are my protest. If you could look at something beautiful and publicly denounce it as dirty, does that make you a better person? Does disavowing that which is attractive and hot demonstrate your virtue? Then you can go ahead, give it a try…

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Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd Weiss Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd Weiss Light photos - by Judd Weiss

Light photos - by Judd Weiss Light photos - by Judd Weiss

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Music Pick: Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come

Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come

Music Pick - Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

New Noise
The Deadly Rhythm
Liberation Frequency
The Shape of Punk to Come

(Click image for

Refused - Band -

Look at that knob on your sound system. How high can the volume go? Put it there. My friends, it is TIME to turn up your speakers full blast and piss off your parents, that old lady who lives next door, and awaken all the spirits resting peacefully in the ground below over the last several centuries. Nothing less will do justice to some of the most badass music ever recorded.

Enough of this dance chillout I’ve been reviewing lately, let’s try something heavier. We’re going with something hardcore. I’m in the mood. With this Music Pick I’m gonna introduce you to some nostalgia from my teenage years, one of the most genius and carefully crafted bursts of dirty raw energy I’ve ever heard. I would advice you to click here first before you explore this genre, because then, you’ll know how this music can be heard best. Refused. The album liner notes showcase a brilliant quote I suggest you live your life by.

“If a band ever finds that it is not giving their best effort and playing at the edge of their abilities at all times, then they are not playing the kind of music that they should be playing.”

Refused - Band - HustleBear.comThe theme here is Break The Rules. This album is a protest. No. This is a premeditated ATTACK. Not against the mainstream. It’s an attack against punk. Yes the conservative hardline traditions and strict guidelines of what punk music is allowed to be.

“We made this album (The Shape of Punk to Come ) wanting to challenge people’s preconceptions of what a Punk band could be and what it could play, because Punk is the most conservative musical form there is. Even in Hardcore, there are so many rules about what is and what is not acceptable, and that completely negates the whole spirit of the original idea.” Dennis Lyxzén, Refused

Refused - Singer - Dennis Lyxzén - HustleBear.comBy definition I HATE screamo-hardcore, and I usually don’t like punk, but I love LOVE Refused. Indeed these guys are way too good to be playing to this crappy genre.

I will say it here right now: New Noise is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. I’m not going to even bother explaining its genius. Just play it LOUD, on repeat, study it, breathe it, and don’t stop until you start to realize how shallow your view of reality was before. Here’s a test for you: After you press play on New Noise, see if you can manage to stay still and not jump around wildly.

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