If you believe government shouldn't tax you and spend away your future then you must be a RACIST!!!

Today is Tax day. Here’s my special article to celebrate.

It’s very likely that you know someone who is crushed under a huge debt he/she can’t get free of. Well that’s what happens when you spend much more than you make. You’ll have to pay for it at some point in the future. And when the future becomes due, life becomes hard. The extra financial burden and lack of new credit sucks.

Let’s say you’re in debt, but it wasn’t you who spent it. Let’s say a buddy started running your card and buying a bunch of things you don’t want for people you don’t know. He’s got an idea to help some people out, so that’s cool, right? That’s legit? But he didn’t buy a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. The dude ran your bill up to $78,000! WTF? That’s more than your yearly salary, it’ll take years to pay off. Besides, you thought your credit limit was like only $7000. Well that’s ok, your friend managed to raise your credit limit to infinity, so there’s no telling how much he’ll make you responsible for, plus compounding interest. And.. he’s.. only.. just.. getting.. started.

What!? You don’t like it? Too bad motherfucker! If you don’t like it, you’re a RACIST!!!

Now I’ve seen a lot of media smearing over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much smearing as what’s being done to the Tea Party.

This is vicious.

Crazies will get involved in any movement, they have nothing to do with the values that the Tea Party has gathered around. And those values are:

Tea Party Core Values

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Constitutionally Limited Government
  • Free Markets

(From the link: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/Mission.aspx )

So let’s keep the discussion about that.

There’s nothing wrong with being upset that government is spending unbelievable sums, upset that you will be on the hook for it later with increased taxes, upset that taxes are already currently taking too much of your life away to be spent foolishly. But the majority of the media won’t address those issues head on. Instead they try to find someone involved who’s a racist or a conspiracy theorist to smear the whole movement and dismiss it.

Some complain that the Tea Party crowd is angry. Sure, well they are. Is there a more appropriate feeling towards someone taking from your pocket? Free people want a free economy, it provides us all with the opportunity to make our lives, and achieve great things. How should we feel towards seeing our free economy fundamentally altered and damaged in the name of safety entitlement programs? Are we more free with government planners taxing us to take care of us?

Some complain that there’s a lot of Obama bashing in bad taste. Jesus Christ, George W. Bush had a whole anti-Bush industry selling millions of bumper stickers, t-shirts, pins, etc. How many shirts and bumper stickers have you seen saying, “Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot”? That is pretty funny actually, but it’s obvious that the level of Obama hate isn’t any higher than the level of Bush hate (or even close). George W has shown himself to be an inarticulate fool and a hypocrite, at times causing much damage to our country. Those who protested W would shout “Protest is Patriotism”. Obama is clearly more intelligent. Isn’t it patriotic to protest a more focused and fundamental attack to “change” the American economy? An economy that has been the envy of the world since it soared to #1.

What about the many people who clearly are not at all racist, but strongly oppose Obama’s policies? Do they have a right to have a voice in this? According to many in the media, NO. Most members of the media seem to have an agenda and are intentionally trying to shut out this voice by linking it with fringe crazies.

Discussing the issue begins to feel like this exchange:

“I want to live my life on the money I earn. I want government to stop spending so much and obligating me into a share of the massive debt that I will be taxed for.”
“This is not about taxes, you hate Obama because you hate black people and you are a racist!”
“Whoa buddy, do I have a valid right to be upset with the historic debt obligation our country is putting on us?”
“Eh, you don’t believe any of that nonsense. Obviously some greedy corporate sponsor bought you.”
“Hey, can you please address the issue and acknowledge my concern about whether it’s ok to waste so much money and take so much from us to pay for it?”
“I found a protester at your massive rally who believes that the great ruler Quinglon from the distant galaxy Maliaktakabi will come to earth and conquer us all. When you have a political movement of such ignorant people, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?”

The people of the Tea Party movement are upset and alarmed about a serious fucking waste of our money. This is a serious violation of a free people. It’s great to see them stand up and say NO. Zimbabwe dictators simply have no capacity to waste resources on this level. Humanity has never before been able to rack up this much debt at once. All supported by artificial interest rates at historic lows and a ready dollar printing press that’s not encouraging people to actually become more productive. My friends, the interest rates will some day rise, and the debt will come due. Politicians can close their eyes and keep running your card, legislating themselves a credit limit of infinity, but they can’t push away the bill forever. When the bill comes in, the party is over, and your life will change. There will be no more temporary stimulus measures left to save us. We will actually have to get to work to get out of that mess. The more we spend now, the larger the burden of getting back to zero, and the more broken spirits who become demoralized, looking for saviors that cannot help. And when the chorus of screams all around rise to a fever pitch shouting, “Why didn’t anyone see this coming?! Why didn’t anyone say something?!”. I suppose you can politely answer that you didn’t want to be smeared as a racist.

But I say, fuck that. Protect your future. Fight this shit.

Support the Tea Party movement


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