Gary Johnson

If you haven’t heard much about Gary Johnson, that will soon change. He will be running for President of The United States and there is a strong rising wave of excitement behind him.

This Friday at 7:30pm, he’ll be speaking at my house. I’m honored, and I’m also looking forward to seeing you there. In my living room, Gary Johnson will speak about his vision for the direction of our country and how his campaign can make a legitimate difference. After he speaks there will be a some Q&A time and then everyone can hang out, meet people, and even talk to Gary Johnson personally.

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Gary Johnson is the former 2 term Governor of New Mexico. He’s famous for setting a national veto record by vetoing more legislation than the other 49 Governors combined, thus slashing the state government during his term and leaving the state with a large budget surplus. He pulled it off when many of his actions were thought political suicide, and yet he got re-elected. He gained even more notoriety for his attack on our failed War on Drugs, by becoming the nation’s most prominent politician openly advocating legalization. But keep in mind that he’s an advocate of legalization of drugs without having established a single addiction helpline in his incumbency.

(Discussing Marijuana Legalization and Gay Marriage)


I’ve spoken with Gary Johnson and I was extremely impressed with his mutual appreciation for Milton Friedman and his thorough understanding of Free Market Economics. There are strong principles behind his strong stance for reducing taxes, spending, bureaucracy and government involvement in our lives.

Gary Johnson is running as a Republican, and the thing is, he has less of a challenge in the General Election against Obama, than in the Primaries against Republicans. That’s because Gary Johnson is far more openly liberal than Obama on many social issues. Besides advocating Drug Legalization, he’s also Pro-Choice, and he openly supports Gay Marriage, while Obama still staunchly states that a marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Gary Johnson is the true anti-war Presidential Candidate. Obama ran on that platform, and it was repeatedly threatened that if we voted for McCain we would be at war in a 3rd muslim nation; yet here we are, our nation voted for Obama and we are now fighting a messy and expensive war in Libya. Obama correctly blamed George Bush for irresponsibly spending our nation into a massive debt, yet increased our spending and debt to a level no American has ever seen before. Few in this country can deny that Obama has been extremely disappointing. It is obvious that in a general election Gary Johnson would steal a large percentage of Obama’s independent and even democratic support, while riding the massive republican sentiment against Obama. Gary Johnson has a real possibility of representing the majority in our country and getting elected.

2011 CPAC Presidential Straw Poll

2011 CPAC Straw Poll - Click to Enlarge

The real challenge is the Republican primaries where he butts heads with Old Guard Republicans in the same way that Ron Paul does. In fact, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are more or less identical in their stance on most issues. Because the beliefs of both men spring from the same ideology of liberty that this nation was founded on. Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are refreshing for their ability to be authentic, and for their guts to stand up for what they believe in. Neither shy away from controversial territory, even issues controversial to their own party. In fact, at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Gary Johnson had the music turned up on him and his speech cut short after he spoke about Marijuana legalization and supported looser immigration policies, even though he was explicitly told not to discuss those issues. And yet! And yet In that 2011 CPAC straw poll of the top potential Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul won with a distant lead, Mitt Romney came in second, and Gary Johnson came in third place. There is a sudden massive Libertarian movement within the Republican Party propelled by younger voters and represented by Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. I can say clearly that I am not a Republican, never have been, and, unless they start to become more like Gary Johnson, I never will be. I’m sure many others share that sentiment. Ron Paul may not run for President, and it is possible that Gary Johnson might have wider appeal with American voters. If Gary Johnson is somehow able to capitalize on this powerful Libertarian trend and attain the presidential candidate nomination of the Republican party, I believe he has a very likely chance of becoming the next President of our country.

(Excellent CPAC Speech)


Friday night is your chance to hear Gary Johnson speak in person, ask him questions in a general Question and Answer session, and even talk to him one on one afterwards. And it’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of other cool people, maybe even make some new friends.

There is a minimum suggested donation of $15 towards Gary Johnson’s campaign. It’s not much, but it helps the cause. None of that is going to me. Throwing the event with drinks and food and cleanup, that’s my small contribution for someone who represents ideas that I strongly support. Whatever happens, I’m pretty sure the 2012 elections are going to be intense and epic, maybe even historic. Here’s a chance to be a part of it, to meet someone running for President, and meet some other quality people.

See you Friday at 7:30!

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