Well guys, I got on The Peter Schiff Show. That’s a pretty big deal for me, as I’ve been a massive fan of Peter Schiff for a while. I wasn’t on with Peter, I was on with Neeraj Chadhary, who was guest hosting the radio show. I was talking about connecting with people, and a more effective approach to communicating our ideas, especially when there’s a difference of opinion.

After you listen to my segment, if you’re familiar with Peter Schiff, you’ll realize that he certainly does violate a lot of the principles that I’m discussing, as he’s rather well known for infuriating those who disagree with him. His (lack of) ability to persuade those who disagree with him isn’t what makes him an exceptional communicator, or what makes me such a huge fan. What makes Peter Shciff such an exceptional communicator is that he possesses a legendary ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and powerfully. In that regard he is among the greats, and one of the best speakers I have ever seen. Now I do wish he would stop attacking the character of those who disagree with him, be a bit more considerate to where they’re coming from, I think he’ll be a lot more effective in his outreach. Yet his extraordinary ability to explain these complex ideas simply and convincingly has certainly brought a tremendous amount of understanding to many (me included). I’m so impressed with his ability to articulate, that I’ve learned about as much from studying his technique as I have from studying his ideas (i.e. turn everything into a metaphor).

For a crash course in why Peter Schiff is incredible, check out my earlier article on him here.

So yeah, with a giant like Peter Schiff, I was honored and excited to be on his show! I think this went alright, and I got some good content in there. I am my biggest critic, and I know I still have a bit farther to go with my public speaking skills. I’ll be honest, this is the largest audience radio show I’ve been on, and I got a little nervous. I need to slow down and communicate more clearly, cut out the “ums”. After listening to this again, I quickly thought of far better ways to respond to being put on the spot, it’s much easier to think clearly when you don’t have a large live national audience. I’m fully aware that Neeraj was FAR easier on me than Peter Schiff would have been! And I totally forgot some of the stronger punchier talking points I would have liked to have said. So while there was a lot more I’d like to say, and a few points I wish I clarified better, I think I got a few good shots in there; and overall there’s definitely a lot of solid valuable content here. And judging by the response in the private messages I’ve been receiving from this, it’s been pretty helpful to some. I’m still growing as a speaker. I’m far better than I was a year ago. I know some of my friends reading this are exceptional at public speaking, and I hope to join your ranks soon. This was good practice and a great stepping stone for me. If anyone wants to share any constructive feedback with me, I’m definitely open to hear your advice, but I prefer a private message for that.