While at the International Students For Liberty Conference in DC last weekend, I sat down for an interview with the famous Jan Helfeld, notorious for tripping up famous politicians and media figures with difficult ideological questions. He employs a type of Socratic questioning to get their fundamental principles, which always exposes their contradictions and humiliates them on camera for being inconsistent at best, or hypocritical and lacking integrity at worst. Press secretaries usually pull the plug and motion to abruptly end the interview. His major media figure guests are not expecting his line of questioning, most of the time they get violently hostile when they end the interview, and I’m amazed that Jan is still able to successfully get these interviews with major figures after over 2 decades of this.

So when Jan asked to interview me, I told him to do his worst, dial it up to 10, and find a chink in my armor. I think I was the first person he’s ever interviewed to come out unscathed! I don’t know what all the other interviewees are a complaining so much about. Next time he needs to ramp it up a bit and try harder! I guess my background in philosophy paid off. To be honest, after the fact I realize I could definitely answer the questions more succinctly and articulately, but considering that I was completely put on the spot and I had no talking points ready at all, I think I did ok.

Enjoy ;)

[Another Jan Helfeld interview with me, and more hilarious interviews with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others after the break!]

Here’s an interview I did with Jan back in July 2012 at The Atlas Society Summer Conference (photos here). He wasn’t difficult with me at all this time, just gave me a bunch of softball questions about the talk I was giving at the conference. (Looking back on last July, you can see I’m slowly getting more comfortable with media interviews):

Harry Reid trying to explain to Jan why taxes are voluntary. Seriously!

Nancy Pelosi is cornered by Jan on her hypocritical stance on why all people deserve at least minimum wage, except for people that work for her:

This one is funny. Congressman Pete Stark explains that the higher our national debt, the wealthier we are, becomes incredibly condescending when questioned about that, and then threatens to throw Jan out of a window!!

Even the mighty Hardball Chris Matthews was tripped up and ended his interview!

Subscribe to Jan Helfeld’s YouTube Channel for more epic interviews from him. He doesn’t do a good job of converting outside of the choir, but it’s great fun to see how our politicians and major media figures have massive errors in their thinking, and watch them flip out and get furious with Jan for exposing it!