Christmas is back. I thought we should start off Christmas in a nice way, so I decided to do this giveaway. The prizes so far are roughly 100 live pots worth… Please subscribe and click read more for the Giveaway Rules! HOW TO HAVE A HIGHER CHANCE OF WINNING Tell your guild friends to type Referred by Your … What s up, everyone! So as you can tell, I am doing another amazing Realm Of The Mad God Giveaway! I really enjoy the support I ve been getting and I just wa… SanPanVTW s Latest Vids life pot giveaway, new channel intro, Adventure Time Episode 7 Well, for better or worse, i m back in the vid biz. Here s some stuff I just put out the past couple days. The Unblocked RotMG Client includes Autonexus, Anti-debuffs, Autoaim, Auto Ability, Fullscreen, and more. Best realm of the Mad God Hacks. Makers of the 059 client. In my Confessions , I told how I started by making a list of the clients I most wanted General Foods, Lever Brothers, Bristol Myers, Campbell Soup Company and Shell. It took time, but in due course I got them all, plus American Express, Sears Roebuck, IBM, Morgan Guaranty, Merrill Lynch and a few others, including three governments. While some of these clients have since defected, their total billings with Ogilvy Mather add up to more than three billion dollars so far. For more information, check out Twitter For Dummies, 3rd Edition by Laura Fitton, Anum Hussain, and Brittany Leaning, or Twitter Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Kyle Lacy both books published by John Wiley Sons, Inc. Chegg took advantage of promoted tweets on Twitter see the nearby figure and promoted posts on Facebook to run a two-week seasonal campaign during one of its busiest sales seasons the textbook rush in Winter 2014. Promoting the posts Facebook and Twitter was critical as it allowed our message to rise above the noise in organic messaging, says Lieberman. The promoted tweets ran concurrently with other messages and didn t affect the frequency with which Chegg handled its myriad other social activities. . Instagram contest strategy Don t look now, but we ve just passed a huge milestone in our own evolution. We re conversing with machines. This is a change much bigger than GUI, the Graphical User Interface created by DARPA and brought to consumers by Apple with thanks to Xerox s Palo Alto Research Center, PARC . The promise of GUI and its desktop metaphor was that computers would work as humans do, with desktops and files, and a mouse that was a proxy for the hand. DOS idea was the opposite to work with computers you had to learn their language, one of inflexible commands typed by hand. Now we are somewhere else entirely. Tomorrow s technologies will succeed or fail on their ability to learn what we do, and help us do it.