This is a video of a Pokemon BW2 Shiny Sceptile Giveaway. First you have to change your DNS Settings. If you don t know how to look below How to change your … Boards. Pokemon Sword Shield – Trading. New Year s Giveaway – Shiny Sceptile. User Info MrAero. MrAero 5 months ago 1. Happy New Year to the board. I am giving away 16 Shiny Sceptile – they have 252 SpA EVs 4 SpD 252 Spe. They are Timid and have perfect IVs in everything except Defense. I bred the Treecko and EV trained it myself. Please leave a sub if you want to enter the giveaway i will give you any pokemon in my pc that you want if you want a treecko i would give you the best stat … Another Weekly Giveaway! SHINY MEGA-SCEPTILE! It s holding it s Mega Stone Sceptilite! Max Special Attack and Max Speed! To Win 1. LIKE 2. COMMENT- I want… Please watch A NEW ADVENTURE! Pokemon Crown Tundra – Pokemon Sword Shield Episode 01 – Sword and Shield DLC https watch?v wwuySDmW… Make sure location services is enabled on your smartphone. You can also recommend someone from your LinkedIn profile, using the Recommendations section. Follow these steps Scroll down your profile to the Recommendations area. Hover your mouse over this section and select Manage when it appears in the upper right of the Recommendations section. Select Give Recommendations, located just below Recommendations. In the Who Do You Want to Recommend text box, type the person s name. Fill out the appropriate information and write the recommendation. Click Send. After a couple of years working and learning in the Big Data space, my journey to disillusionment was more or less complete, and the misuse of mathematics was accelerating. In spite of blogging almost daily, I could barely keep up with all the ways I was hearing of people being manipulated, controlled, and intimidated by algorithms. It started with teachers I knew struggling under the yoke of the value-added model, but it didn t end there. Truly alarmed, I quit my job to investigate the issue in earnest. People viewing and buying products online don t have the ability to examine them as they would in real life, so high quality product images with added details or a link to where they can be found are extremely important to social media marketing. Add annotations to an image of a product or service to show off features that might not be immediately obvious, e.g. the special type of fabric used in a garment, how efficient your delivery times are, or the wondrous technology hidden inside a gadget. Infographics also work well to display lots of information – especially numbers and other data related to your brand, often based on a seasonal theme – in an eye-catching, engaging and shareable way. If graphic design isn t your bag, sites like Pictochart http and http will help you to create lovely-looking infographics in a simple, drag-and-drop manner. This outline of the future assumes of course that the you in you, your self , is transportable, and that s one whale of an assumption. But for Kurzweil, this is the path to immortality, and a breadth of knowledge and experience beyond what we can currently comprehend. Intelligence augmentation will happen so incrementally that few will reject it. But incrementally means by 2045, so over roughly the next thirty years, with the vast majority of change taking place in the last half decade or so. Is that gradual? I don t think so.