Gift cards are a simple way to attract new customers, increase sales and reward loyal fans with little to no effort. Customers who buy gift cards for others spend 38 more than the actual value of the gift card they purchase. A great place to begin is to offer a gift card to customers on their birthday. It doesn t have to be a hefty expense either. Think about the number of people you have in your customer loyalty program and the amount of money off a purchase you could comfortably provide to each of them. By offering customers gift cards instead of cash as reimbursement, you avoid these inconvenience, and in the process, you give them the opportunity to return to your business. Reward your loyal customers. Give your best customers some courtesy cards. Offer a $10 gift card just for liking your page Yes, give it away for free! Keep in mind most customers spend $30 or more extra when they use a gift card! Plus, once the customer likes your page, every time you post a promotion or special offer, that offer will show up in their feeds over and over again! Give a $10 gift card to customers … We talk throughout this book about various genres of social media services. Each genre has its own arcane measurements, from hashtags to comments, from posts to ratings, from membership numbers to sentiment. The quarterpipe throws Way about twenty feet into the air, and Way throws a varial 540 meaning, at the same time that he s doing one and a half spins, he s also reaching down between his legs and spinning his board 180 degrees then laces comes in smooth the landing. Pandemonium erupts. If ever you say you can t do something, shouts the announcer, remember Danny Way. There is no greater form of social proof than customers showing others how much they are enjoying your product or service, and doing it with an image is extremely powerful way of converting people into customers because it helps people associate positive emotions with your brand, whether the photo is snapped by you or – even better – user-submitted. Smartphones make it extremely easy for people to snap and share experiences with your brand as they happen, so encourage your customers and fans to do just that when they are at your premises with signs or purpose-made group photo selfie spots with an interesting background, for example. , out and about, or at home e.g. Post a photo in the comments to show us the view you see while listening to our podcast . Actively encourage customers to tag or mention your profile in updates containing photos, so that when you are notified you can easily save and share the user-generated image on your brand s profile page giving credit, of course, but also making the person feel special and keen to show their moment in the spotlight to their friends . Unify these types of posts with a hashtag that you can track across all platforms to hunt down more customer-generated content, and even add a subtle link to the product or service in question, if you think your audience won t mind. If you have lots of photos to show off in one go, take a look at using the Flipagram app http as a way to showcase them on your profile in a fun, animated, and engaging fashion. For an additional layer of persuasion, you could experiment with adding a short customer testimonial in the form of a text overlay on top of an image of a happy customer, both to spread cheer about your brand and help convert others into willing buyers. Haven t you ever heard of Faith Ringgold? I hadn t, but she kept on. I want to be like her. With dolls instead of quilts. I want to get a tax ID and go into business. You want her, Big Roy said, fiddling with the strings on his hooded sweatshirt. But you don t need her. You see what I m saying? Little Roy needs his woman. She is the only thing he has left of the life he had before. The life he worked for.