Music Pick of the Day – Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu – Mama’s Gun

Music Pick of the Day - Erykah Badu

Penitentiary Philosophy
Didn’t Cha Know
A.D. 2000
Orange Moon
Green Eyes

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I think Erykah Badu has gone batshit crazy and I don’t get what she’s going for lately. But Mama’s Gun is a Masterpiece. Not her most commercially successful album, but clearly her best work. This album is diverse, explores many paths soul music can go, expressing each different genre with more creativity and expertise than most musicians focused only on each genre. The journey starts off with dirty funk rock soul, moves into mellow funky tribal R&B soul, get’s progressively more hip hop with a 70s edge, before abandoning that sound and getting stripped down to finish the second half on a gorgeous acoustic jazz soul sound. I like the 2nd half better. Notice the intro to the 10 minute final song “Green Eyes” and how it transitions into a different song. This album is genius, unfortunately geniuses tend to go crazy sooner or later.

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Your Need for Confidence

Your Need for Confidence

If you want to be a racecar driver, speeding your car around other drivers and through tight openings at breath taking speeds, you will need to be able to trust your instruments and tools. You’ll need to trust your mirrors, you’ll need to trust that thin layer of rubber around your wheels holding your car to the road, you’ll need to trust your transmission to shift gears on command and the engine to thrust you forward when you need it to. When you’re in battle, you need to trust the capabilities of your armor to protect you and your weapons to fire and your night vision and even your boots. You need to be able to rely on them when you need them.

What happens if you can’t trust your instruments and tools? What happens if your judgment is that you aren’t sure you can rely on them when you need them?

You hold back.

If you don’t trust your tires, you’d better slow down. Tire blowouts are one of the most common causes of truck accidents in rochester. If you’re not sure your armor will be effective in combat, you’d better be a lot more cautious. When an accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, you are typically entitled to compensation for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident. Contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in lafayette to begin building your case.

What do you do when deep down you’re not sure of yourself?

We Are Not Pawns, We Are Not Pawns

We Are Not Pawns, We Are Not Pawns

Please help us. Oh great lords in Congress and the White House, please save us from ourselves. We know not what we do. We are helpless. Please give us jobs. Please give us money. Please give us healthcare. Please give us food. Please give us homes. Please give us green automobiles. Please give us cellphones. Please give us internet access…”

Have you heard anything like this before? Well you have. It was the 2008 US elections.

My friends, the root of our problems are not created by our government. Our government was elected voluntarily. Our problems today are created from weakness. Weakness screaming the words above. Look to those around you, the children in adult bodies, those citizens (and businesses) who give up and are looking for handouts. They don’t know who provides it, they don’t realize that it’s being taxed and taken from you, while you are out there struggling, and I doubt they care. It doesn’t matter what kind of constitution document we have in place, when people get weak, they’re going to reach for mommy. Those who want mommy to help them end up enslaving the rest of us in their demands to be spoon fed. It is weakness and short sightedness that’s leading to the growing government control of our lives, the growing government takeover of the economy, the growing government spending of our future, and the rapid decline in our control over how we live our own lives.

The weak want rulers.
It’s easier. If you’ve lost self control, might as well let someone else take the reigns. Weakness breeds government policy that supports and encourages more weakness. If it spreads further it elects more planners and rulers.

The path to turn this country around is to breed strength. People must discover what they’re capable of. That they can be valuable. That crutches are dead weight that they don’t need, when they’re each capable of flying.

The strong demand more freedom.
They don’t need handouts. They don’t need master planners. They’re capable. They’re productive.
Just imagine what kind of government and society we would have if we truly had a nation yelling:

“We Are Not Pawns. I’m not a fucking chess piece. Stop taxing us. Stop regulating us. Stop spending our future. Stop stimulating us. Stop supporting us. Stop taking care of us. Stop planning our lives. Just give us some space. And STOP. We Are Not Pawns.”

Music Pick of the Day – Govinda

Govinda – Erotic Rhythms from EarthMusic Pick of the Day - Govinda

Tu M’Aimes
City of Pleasures
Le Zephyr
Two Become One

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And we start off the music pick of the day with a classic. As the album title suggests, this album screams sex. The 2001 album “Erotic Rhythms from Earth” by Govinda is some sort of cyber ethnic worldbeat album. Infusing electronica with elements of India, the Middle East and subtle bits of Jazz. This is sophisticated and elegant. Very chill but with just a little too much energy to be professional massage music. It’s hard to believe all these gorgeous soundscapes were created by a guy from Texas, Shane O’Madden. There is singing on every track, but not really any lyrics, the singing is ethereal and more of an instrument with the music. Even in the songs with lyrics, the singing blends subtly in with the music and doesn’t stand out. That’s the problem I have with his recent stuff like “Sound Sutras“. The music is still quite good there, but he’s using vocalists singing pop songs (or even worse, he’s singing himself) and while theoretically this could work, it doesn’t. “Erotic Rhythms from Earth” is clearly his best in my book, and one of the best chillout cds I ever heard.

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What Are You Capable Of?

What Are You Capable Of?

Look at your hand. What do you see? Skin. Fingers. Joints. It moves. It’s alive. What can it do? It can hold a book. It can write messages. Your hand doesn’t look much different from the hand of a great musician or a fighter pilot.
Stand up. Look at a mirror. What do you see? There’s a body there. There’s a brain inside it. There’s hair on it. It has arms and legs. What can it do? All of your heroes, all the great achievers throughout history, they don’t have much more to work with than you.

We are all flesh and bone and brain. What one man can do, so can another.

About Hustle Bear

About Hustle Bear - Judd Weiss

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Success and failure, they are separated mainly by those who try, those who don’t, and all the subtle levels in between. To try means to move your ass, get out there, and hustle. The whole fucking world is open to you. Everything you love in this world that nature didn’t deliver to you was created by a hustler. By those who try. All the billions of people on this planet, they each need help with almost every detail of their existence. You can certainly be of value somehow. That’s what we’re going to focus on a lot here at Hustle Bear.

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