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Waiting for Superman and Milton Friedman’s Educational Choice initiative for School Vouchers

waiting for superman movie

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I’ve seen so many amazing documentaries. Right now I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a better documentary than “Waiting for Superman“. Brilliantly executed. Explains the issues clearly and intelligently. Demonstrates the affects of our failing schools at a macro national and international level, and also on a very personal level by following the story of a handful of kids in our schools around the country. This film was powerful; insightful; emotionally gripping; and so beautifully cinematic. If this doesn’t receive an Oscar, then the Oscars will no longer have any meaning. Very few movies are required viewing for everyone, this is one. It’s as simple as that.

Perhaps the most powerful message of Waiting for Superman is its title. The school bus with our children is heading for a cliff, the driver is asleep at the wheel. No one is coming to save the day. We cannot wait for Superman. We CAN become aware, and act.

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Video of the Day: Chris Christie Responds to a Teacher

Fantastic! This is my favorite politician right now. Chris Chistie has balls. No one takes on the teachers’ union. They are protected and can do what they want. The points he made were clear, articulate, and convincing. Respect!