How a Facebook Giveaway Scam Works Juanita Molinar is a Property Brothers fan, so she followed the show s page on Facebook. She was thrilled and surprised when one of the show s stars, Drew Scott, started to send her private messages. He asked her some questions, then told her she d won $25,000 from the Dream it, Win it, Live it Sweepstakes. Scam says while Facebook has been experimenting with several different rewards programs, there is no such Facebook Rewards program that hands out thousands of dollars. Nor is there a… These messages all offer money to people who need it through grants, coupons for food support, or other giveaways. But they re all fake, and not from those companies at all. You might get this kind of message, in English or Spanish, from a friend or contact. The message tells you to click a link to get your money. How this scam works You see a post promoting a giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform. In order to win $500 in groceries or another substantial prize, all you need to do is… Facebook giveaway scams are a real and persistent threat to your personal information, but not all giveaways on Facebook are scams. Some companies do participate in giveaways, which they promote using their official company Facebook page. Two hundred years ago natural resources and raw materials were scarce. People needed land to grow food, metal to turn into pots, and silicates and other natural elements to make windows for houses. Tycoons who cornered the market in these and other resources made a fortune. By making a market in a scarce resource, you can make a profit. Reproduced with permission of Jim Harmer, heading up the data team for Obama s campaign Alexis Madrigal, What the Obama Campaign s Chief Data Scientist Is Up to Now, Atlantic Monthly , May 8, 2013, www. theatlantic. com technology archive 2013 05 what- the- obama- campaigns- chief- data- scientist- is- up- to- now 275676 . Your next step is to choose your cover photo. This is the large background photo appearing at the top of your timeline refer to Figure 1-1 and the first thing people will see when landing on your brand s page. Your cover photo is more than just a picture it s a representation of your brand. You have a wonderful opportunity to illustrate your brand, product, or service in any way you want and you want to make a lasting impression. Many top brands, such as Ben Jerry s, Ford, and Coca-Cola, take great care in designing their timeline images. Twitter now offers its own analytics program with three distinct dashboards https about . Twitter Analytics offers more than merely statistics on tweet activity, engagement, and followers. By paying attention to these statistics, you can learn how to make your tweets more successful, while discovering essential marketing information about your followers, such as demographics, geographic location, and interest areas. Take advantage of each of these dashboards Twitter Activity dashboard This overview dashboard displays how your tweets perform in real-time, as shown in Figure 3-2 . You can compare month-over-month results for impressions, retweets, and engagement levels. Clicking an individual tweet displays a details page with additional information about engagement for that tweet retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks, and embedded media clicks. For additional information, see https articles 320043-tweet-activity-dashboard . Audience dashboard Discover more about your followers gender, location, interests, age, and other details. You can choose to display your growth in followers over time, as shown in Figure 3-3 . Twitter Cards dashboard Unlike the other dashboards, this one is also a management tool. It allows you to incorporate rich media into your tweets, and then provides information about how the media has been shared. By paying attention to your results, you can learn how to improve such metrics as app installs, clicks, and retweets. Figures 3-4 and 3-5 show examples of Twitter Cards dashboard displays.