Video of the Day – Matt Ridley: When Ideas Have Sex

Phenomenal! I’ve never heard a stronger case made for Libertarianism and Free Trade from an Anthropological point of view. The opening statement subtly helps put Global Warming Alarmism in perspective. He even quoted the famous libertiarian piece I Pencil. Matt Ridley just gave this presentation several days ago at TED. This is up there with the quality of Richard Dawkins’ Growing Up in the Universe.

In Defense of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

In Defense of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Of course some things are nobody’s business. But if you shared it on Facebook in the first place, then why are you complaining that it’s nobody’s business?

This Facebook privacy issue is getting out of hand.

First a little bit about Mark

I am SO impressed with this kid. I’ve looked at a bunch of 30 under 30 lists. Compared to Mark, their accomplishments are a joke. Compared to Mark, our accomplishments are a joke. And I feel like that has a lot to do with the flak he’s getting. You can’t rise too high without hands grabbing at your legs to pull you down. A 20-something kid is not supposed to become a billionaire and own the most popular site on the web. That’s upsetting to some in their 20s. That’s even more upsetting to some in their 40s. Friendster and MySpace are cesspools of intrusive spam. They’re still available, but no one is criticizing their founders for the lack of privacy there. If you are upset with Mark Zuckerberg for any reason, be careful that your words don’t reek with envy. This happened to Bill Gates when he and Microsoft were at the top, and then we were left with Ballmer and Vista. PLEASE tread lightly.

Facebook has done more to bring people together than any technology in human history.

Opt In vs. Opt Out
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Nikon Projector Camera (Coolpix S1000PJ)

Nikon Projector Camera (Coolpix S1000PJ)

I am terrified to write this next post. These words you are reading have the ability to ruin the world as we know it. The last post, we talked on length about the best projectors available today. In this post, I’m going to talk about the new Nikon Projector Camera I bought. The Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ. I love it. It’s fucking amazing.

But much like the Nuclear Bomb, this is the kind of power that best remain in the hands of the few.

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