Fuel Saver works by families using gift cards bought in Morrisons to pay for purchases on the high street. Customers pick up the cards during their weekly shop They receive a voucher which gives them money off fuel 1p-a-litre for every 10 they spend when they next fill up They then use their gift cards like cash to pay for their shopping … From 11th July Fuel Saver coupons will be scrapped and instead of saving money off your fuel when buying gift cards, you will earn 25 Morrisons More Points for every 1 you spend on gift card purchases of 10 . A 10 gift card will give you 250 Morrisons points which is a cash value of just 0.25. Morrisons Gift cards and eGifts are available to purchase for both you and your business. GIFT CARDS EGIFTS. For friends, family and volunteers The gift for any occasion Shop now. For business and in bulk Reward and incentivise Shop for business … Morrisons Fuel Saver is a great way to save money. Use gift cards to purchase all the things you d normally buy. Before you shop on the high street, come to … Morrisons have just launched a new f uel saver scheme. The process is very easy. You can buy gift cards in store for High Streets shops such as Next, Boots, Debenhams, iTunes and many more. When you make your purchase at the till you get a voucher which saves you 1pence-a-litre off fuel for every 10 you spend. I could kill myself and someone else. Odds? 1 ? 3 ? Knowing my racing competency, the risks are dangerously high. I release the accelerator and don t engage. The other driver? He speeds away with something to prove and in disregard to the potential outcomes. That s OK, maybe there s a reason he s driving a ten-year-old fart-can Honda and I m in the Lamborghini. Win the street race-I ll win life. But I also exclaimed it to be a powerful passive income generator when leveraged against large sums of money. Contradictory? Just like education, Fastlaners and Slowlaners leverage compound interest differently. Slowlaners the middle-class use compound interest to get wealthy while Fastlaners the rich use it to create income and liquidity. Roy, stop it, she said, sighing like an exhausted mother. Set down that tennis racket. The United States is in a tough spot. Strug, a four-foot-nine gymnast from Tucson, Arizona, has always been their weakest link. As ESPN The Magazine once wrote Strug does not possess the fearlessness, the toughness, the aggressiveness, the heart and the threshold of pain as her teammates. All of this changes on her second attempt. She tears down the runway, nails her back handspring, flawlessly flips over the vault, and perfectly lands a difficult twisting dismount. On impact, she hears another snap. Gingerly, like a dancer, Strug tucks that leg behind her, never losing her balance. She hops in one direction, then another, both times raising her arms in the traditional judges salute. An instant later she collapses, but not before scoring a 9.712 and taking home the hardware. Life Perception How do you live your life? Do you plan for the future? Forsake today for tomorrow? Or tomorrow for today?